For some, Fathers Day is a sad and bitter occasion

Update 2019 05 16

For tens of 1000s of fathers in Ontario, “Fathers Day” is sad and bitter. Many may never get to see their children again.

For some, Father’s Day is a sad and bitter occasion

David Warren, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Sunday, June 15, 2008

For some tens of thousands of fathers, in this Canadian province alone, “Father’s Day” is an especially bitter occasion. These are the men separated from their children by court order, many never to see them again. Each knows that his children have been subjected to vicious propaganda against him, that in many cases a child’s own mother – a woman the father once trusted enough to marry – has turned the child’s heart against him. (I know of many cases.)

It could be worse: for the father may have been replaced in his own household by a new man, or even a new woman. Someone who will never care for his children as he did, however badly he may have expressed it; who will at least be lacking the biological compulsion to look out for one’s own flesh and blood.

In a further twist, whether or not mom has found a new squeeze, the ostracized dad may be making court-ordered spousal support payments sufficiently onerous to put him on a cot in some closet – hounded by process servers, and under the threat of jail if his payments fall behind. (I know this experience at first hand.)

There is no cure for it. The legal papers make clear – go to lengths to make clear – that he will be hounded until the day he dies. Male suicide rates, not only in this province but across North America, are at their highest level since the depth of the Depression in the 1930s. They are four times higher than the female suicide rate, and while no government has the guts to gather statistics on this, it is an easy guess that family court disasters lie behind a large proportion of them.

The legacy of feminism has been to make us acutely aware of women’s sensibilities, no matter how frivolous; and obtusely indifferent to men’s, no matter how grave. Men are consistently demonized in the feminist propaganda….Full Story (Note 2018 06 14: The link is broken. This one works.)


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