Government keeps grandparents grandchildren apart

Grandparents Apart Self Help Group Scotland
Press release. Immediate. 28th May 2008

Scottish government keeps grandparents and grandchildren apart.

This is child abuse. And the Government allows it.

By Jimmy Deuchars

The Scottish Government is refusing point blank to allow legal contact between grandparents and their grandchildren. A leading children’s charity has even asked them to allow grandparents information about their grandchildren’s welfare. This has been ignored.

By granting total power to one parent it encourages many parents to use their children as weapons in blackmail and revenge against the other parent/grandparents. This is a despicable trend which is on the increase. Children growing up in this environment are educated that these methods are the normal way to live. Our Government knows this is happening and allow it to go on.

About the MP who was mugged recently, the muggers were said to be the scum of the earth. Could they be some of these children brought up learning lying, cheating, using people and having no respect for anyone? Are the children of today who are growing up without the stability of their family the muggers of the future?

82% of illnesses suffered by grandparents, i. e.: depression, loneliness, etc., are caused by separation from the family. This problem, especially for older grandparents, could be helped enormously if the government encouraged and supported family relationships.

We are not asking for a takeover, as some ministers have inferred, but to be able to know and protect our grandchildren, to be there if they need help. All that is required is a couple of hours a month if geography permits or by mutual agreement, to keep contact by phone, text, letter and be able to send presents at Christmas and Birthdays — which children look forward to. By the governments refusal to acknowledge this problem they are not allowing a very much needed helpline to our grandchildren. This family helpline would give the children extra protection because of the terrible drug and alcohol abuse which the government says is on the increase.

Nothing less than a radical shake up of family laws and the administration of these laws will be good enough.

Jimmy Deuchars

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Comment by Fathers for Life: The issues outlined by Jimmy Deuchars are by no means unique to Scotland. Those conditions of the lack of intergenerational links between successive generations (and sometimes even the forced lack of links between siblings) exist for the vast majority of children of divorce and separation. They are an escalating social pandemic that to slightly varying extents affects almost all developed nations and ever-increasing numbers of developing nations, regardless of whether those nations are English-speaking or not.

In 80 percent and more of such cases, it is fathers, paternal grandparents and other relatives who are, along with the children whom they are prevented from seeing or even knowing about, the victims of that pandemic of social destruction.

For a large and steadily-increasing number of grandparents and elderly parents, the reality of that is that our social safety-nets will inevitably collapse within a few years from now (they are beginning to do so now). Welfare for individuals will then be handed back from Father State to individual families and to their extended families from whom the right and duty to that responsibility was increasingly removed during the last century.

Unfortunately, there will then be few younger family members who will have to take on that duty and responsibility. Fewer yet will want to take on or even know or care about the burden to care for their elderly parents and grandparents. Even if they wanted to or still can, individually, they will then no longer exist in numbers sufficient to prevent poverty, squalor and outright starvation for the elderly, of whom more than two-thirds will be women.

Update 2008 05 31: Whether anyone will admit that or not doesn’t affect the reality of it. A rapidly increasing number of the elderly is comprised of formerly expunged fathers and their parents and other family members who have lost for many decades all contact with the children whom they were a long time ago prohibited to have contact with. Already, elderly men commit suicides in absurdly large numbers. The frequency of suicides by elderly men will increase enormously in the years to come, especially so as reductions to and cancellations of welfare programs and pension payments will increasingly be the norm as time goes by. (For US figures, see Ages 65 – 74, Ages 75 – 84, Ages 85+; suicide statistics and trends in other nations are similar).

The DVD Demographic Winter: The decline of the human family addresses those problems and strongly recommends that there is only one feasible remedy that can be used to put a halt to that sort of demographic suicide: That is the strengthening of the institution of the traditional nuclear family.

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