IVF children have right to a father scrapped

Published Date: 21 May 2008

MPs scrap IVF children’s ‘right to father’

By Gerri Peev, political correspondent

[ Scotland ] THE right to a father for children born after fertility treatment [ IVF children ] was dramatically dropped by MPs last night, after hours of impassioned debate in the Commons.

The government won its case for scrapping the requirement for IVF clinics to consider a woman’s access to a father for a potential child….(Full Story)

Comment by F4L: A potential child? Regardless of that illogical consideration, this atrocious piece of legislation violates not only the right of children but also the rights of all fathers. Let’s hope that it serves to wake up all Scotsmen as to who they must vote for.

Better yet, it will without a doubt intensify the growing determination of Scotsmen to forgo the pleasure of donating sperm, but sperm could always be imported and most certainly will, if that should become necessary.

The growing determination of men to refuse to donate sperm for artificial insemination is without a doubt due to an equally atrocious power of the authorities to increasingly-often find men who donated sperm guilty of having fathered children that now are no longer entitled to ever be able to see their natural fathers (the anonymity of sperm donors is no longer guaranteed). That is even though those “fathers” can be and increasingly often are punished for their surreal views on paternity, by sentencing them to pay child support “in the best interest of the children” whom they fathered and will not legally be able to see or interact with. All of that to avoid “discrimination” against lesbians of whom only a handful elects to undergo IVF procedures to begin with.

Discrimination against lesbians is not the real issue that is to be addressed through this legislation. That argument only serves to pull the wool over our eyes. The real objective is to obliterate even the last vestiges of the institution of the traditional nuclear family and to permanently assign to all men the status of second-class citizens or, if you wish, to make them the third-millennium-equivalent of Jews in the Nazi regime. Profit motives for the IVF industry are only a secondary and minor concern (see IVF costs). Although those costs range from about ten- to twenty-thousand dollars and more, the success rate for IVF attempts is only 29 percent.

Millions of men sacrificed their lives (and many more their health) to fight for the protection of freedom and security of home and country, expressively to prevent what is happening now in Scotland and in many other developed nations from coming about. What a waste that was!

So it happens that lesbianism is not merely an evolutionary dead-end but quite literally a tool used to bring about the death of our civilization.

Update June 7, 2008:

Current total fertility rates (TFRs) for countries in the world – Rank Order.  The web page accessible through the preceding link lists the rank order from highest to lowest, with a TFR of about 2.2 indicating a stable population. The TFR required to maintain a given country’s population varies a little from country to country, depending on the life expectancy for the average resident in that country. (Source: CIA World Factbook)

As of June 2008, the CIA World Factbook showed 104 countries (generally the richest and most developed) to have TFRs of less than 2.2.  In other words, in those countries the population is in the process of shrinking. (Related Articles at Fathers for Life)

Update June 22, 2018:

As of June 2018, the CIA World Factbook showed that the number of countries (generally the richest and most developed) with TFRs of less than 2.2.  had increased from 104, in 2008, to 127. The reduction of the world population is well on the road.

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