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IVF children have no right to see their fathers

News.scotsman.com Published Date: 21 May 2008 MPs scrap IVF children’s ‘right to father’ By Gerri Peev, political correspondent THE right to a father for children born after fertility treatment was dramatically dropped by MPs last night, after hours of impassioned debate in the Commons. The government won its case for scrapping the requirement for IVF clinics to consider a woman’s access to a father for a potential child….(Full Story) ___________________ Comment by F4L: A potential child? Regardless of that illogical consideration, this atrocious piece of legislation violates not only the right of children but also the rights of all fathers. Let’s hope that it serves to wake up all Scotsmen … Continue reading

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Numerical illiteracy: the “40km-wide” Bruderheim blaze

Victoria Handysides reported for MetroNews.ca in a May 20, 2008 article that, “The town of Bruderheim lost five homes after a 40 km-wide [sic] blaze began Thursday afternoon.” That quoted sentence contains two inaccuracies, both exaggerations, one of which is a real whopper, apparently caused by lack of common sense in combination with numerical illiteracy, an inability to comprehend — in realistic and practical ways — numbers that pertain to life in the real world. It may surprise Victoria Handysides to learn that the town of Bruderheim lost no homes at all in that fire. The homes that were lost comprised homes in the Bruderheim area, almost ten km NW … Continue reading

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