More on feminism’s legacy: Down syndrome increase

The Age (Melbourne)
15 May 2008

Increase in Down syndrome

By Kate Benson, Medical Reporter

More Australian babies are developing Down syndrome and other
debilitating chromosomal abnormalities as women wait until their late
30s and 40s to have children, a report has found….(Full Story)

Addendum 2018 06 24

Chaos is the absence of order.

All of those and related considerations are complex and difficult enough if one considers just the chromosomal reality of nature.

Incidence Rates of Chromosome Aberrations
(Not exhaustive — addresses just the most prevalent categories)

Down’s Syndrome • Overall – 1:700 of live births;
• Young Mothers –
1:2,000 of live births, and
• Mothers over 40 – 1:50 of live births
Sex Chromosome Aberrations
Gonadal Dysgenesis
(Turner’s Syndrome, Bonnevie-Ullrich Syndrome)
1:3,000 live female births
The XXX Syndrome (The “Super Female”) ? rare
Klinefelter’s Syndrome (XXY) 1:500 to 1:1,000 live male births
The XYY Syndrome ? A few males were found in institutions for criminals with subnormal I.Q.
Intersex States (True Hermaphroditism) ? Extremely rare in humans (less than 500 reported cases in the whole world)
Pseudo Hermaphroditism — is not a chromosomal defect.  It is due to endocrinal imbalances during gestation and is curable with varying degrees of success through treatment with hydrocortisone and other similar preparations. Dr. Warne cites an incidence rate of 1:4,500 live births, while inter-sex advocates claim an incidence rate of 1:1,500 live births
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) 1:20,000 to 1:60,000 male and female births

Those considerations become far more complex when perceptions, desires and preferences are being brought into play.  No right, entitlement or privilege that anyone demands can be enjoyed if  all of the others who are to grant it won’t do that, if they will not assume the burden of the obligation to grant it.  Must or should the vast majority of humanity be forced to accommodate the wants and desires of a very small minority or even the needs of a minuscule few?….

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