Men Behaving Badly – Why?

Harry’s News, 08/08/03

By Harry

Men Behaving Badly – Why? Many males in western societies seem to be behaving very badly these days.

They seem to be becoming more involved with crime. They seem to be growing more dishonest. They seem to be increasingly hostile and aggressive toward others. They seem less committed to their partners and to their families. They are clearly doing less well in terms of their education. And they seem to be more pre-occupied with their own narrow self-interests than they used to be.

Why is this so?

What can possibly account for this apparent deterioration in the behaviours of western men?

Have their genes suddenly taken a dive for the worse?

Or are they simply responding to the way in which western societies treat them these days?

In my view, the major cause of what seems to be a significant deterioration in the behaviours of men is, quite simply, feminism.

Indeed, the evidence that damns feminism is overwhelming. 

The evidence shows that feminism is not only the primary cultural cause of the current-day bad behaviours of men, it is also the primary cultural cause of very many other current-day serious societal problems.

Before demonstrating to readers how it is that feminism is largely responsible for the current bad behaviours of men, it is important to understand the two following points.

1. Feminism – together with political correctness – has been the most influential ideology in western societies for the past three decades. There are no other ideologies that even come close to it in terms of the extent to which it has penetrated western societies. 

Feminism has penetrated very deeply western governments, western laws, western social services, western universities, western colleges, western schools, western media, western families, western bedrooms and western minds.

And it has done so for three decades – a decade longer than even Hitler had – with far fewer resources – in which to stir up his mass hatred toward the Jews.

Feminism has been hugely influential.

And one of its main successes has been the wholesale demonisation of males.

2. Political correctness has been aggressively supported and strongly buttressed by feminists. Indeed, feminists have done their level best to promote any activity which undermines men – particularly white heterosexual ones. 

And political correctness has been a very useful weapon for them in this respect.

But the point here is this…. 

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