Violence, gang warfare – what has gone wrong with girls?

Violence, gang warfare – what has gone wrong with girls? Melanie Phillips explains.

Benevolent is the fire’s might,
If the mensch [1] tames and watches it,
For what he builds, what he creates,
He owes to this heavenly power,
But terrible is this heavenly power,
If she, casting off her shackles,
Strides along on tracks her own
This free daughter of nature.
Beware when she is let loose….

Beware, when in the cities’ womb
The fire-tinder has accumulated,
The citizenry, breaking its chains,
Frightfully seizes arms to help itself!
Then tears at the ropes of the bell
The uprising, that she clamors howlingly ,
And, only meant to sound in times of peace,
The password gives to violence.

Freedom and Equality! one hears proclaimed,
The peaceful citizen is driven to arms,
The streets are filling, the halls,
The vigilante-bands are moving,
Then women change into hyenas
And make a plaything out of terror,
Though it twitches still, with panthers teeth,
They tear apart the enemy’s heart.
Nothing is holy any longer, loosened
Are all ties of righteousness,
The good gives room to bad,
And all vices freely rule.
Dangerous it is to wake the lion,
Ruinous is the tiger’s tooth,
But the most terrible of all the terrors,
That is the mensch [1] when crazed.
Woe to those, who lend to the eternally-blind
Enlightenment’s heavenly torch!
It does not shine for him, it only can ignite
And puts to ashes towns and lands….

by Friedrich von Schiller

[U.K.] Daily Mail
2008 05 12

Fire-bombs, mugging and gang warfare – just what has gone wrong with girls?

Melanie Phillips

Was this really what feminism was all about?

According to Home Office statistics, to be published later this week, crimes committed by girls aged between ten and 17 have shot up by some 25 per cent over a three-year period.

Last week, a man died and a young woman was badly injured in an explosion in North London. It was thought to have been carried out by a girl gang which had previously been seen causing trouble in the street.

For several years, there has been a disturbing rise in the number of girls committing violent crimes at ever younger ages.

Last month, rival girl gangs used snooker balls in socks to batter each other in a mass brawl at a railway station at Shoreham, West Sussex.

In March, a 15-year-old girl was jailed for using a mobile phone to film two drunken teenage male friends beating a man to death in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Last October, a gang of teenage girls stoned a 72-year-old woman and forced her into a busy road, leaving her with a broken nose and two black eyes.

There has also been a string of murders committed by girls, often sickeningly sadistic.

In 1999, for example, two 15-year-old girls murdered 71-year-old Lily Lilley, binding her mouth so tightly that her false teeth were pushed down her throat and giggling as they wheeled her body through the streets before throwing it into a canal….(Full Story)

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