Men have all the power? Don’t you believe it!

Men have all the power? Any man who believes in that feminist-inspired hoax is in for a rude awakening, unless he yearns to play Russian roulette with five out of six chamber loaded.

The following article is a slightly edited version of one that was posted to the F4L mailing list 2003 10 07.

You may have seen the last part of this message already, maybe not. My copy of the message containing that, which I posted very early this morning, hasn’t come back to me yet. Perhaps the snoopers aren’t done with it yet. If that’s the case, I hope they enjoy what they read. Still, the delay puzzles me. I’m not even on the hit-list of Status of Women Canada.

The preamble in the following is a commentary I used to introduce the forwarded statistics to someone who is not on this list. I hope it sweetens things a bit, if you should receive the statistics a second time now. If you wish to forward the message, go ahead. It contains no secrets that need to be guarded.

The issues of concern in this article relate to unhappiness caused by controlling and violent women in marriages that never broke up.

The appended statistics relate to the consequences of men’s status and position of “power” in society. They show that women are not stepping up to the plate in equitable numbers. The problems inherent in the forwarded statistics and explained in the related web pages were not caused just by feminists all by their lonesome selves.

It wasn’t even just feminists and women who caused those problems. If things are to change for the better, men have to come to acknowledge a major share of the guilt.

I wonder how many men permanently damaged their backs by living up to the Hollywood stereotype that carries a bride across the threshold. However, that is only a small one of many manifestations of the problem.  A multitude of methods has been devised and is being used by which men’s backs are being broken, literally and figuratively.

A man I know well led a down-trodden existence for the duration of his long marriage. He pampered and coddled his wife and became a total slave to her and their two boys, because she was given to having frequent heart attacks. I must have heard at least 30 times during the last 25 years that she had only six months left to live.

She could produce “heart attacks” at will – no kidding – and used them rigorously to get her way. The consequence was that she literally exercised and shaped only her bottom – by permanently sitting on it – and from that throne firmly controlled all other family-members’ activities and minds.

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