Divorce law robs talented spouses

The Australian
3 May 2008

Divorce law robs talented spouses
By Kate Legge

The legal notion that sports stars, artists and professionals with
exceptional talent deserve better than a 50-50 split in divorce settlements
is being watered down under pressure from the equal rights lobby, a top
judge has warned.

Speaking before his retirement yesterday from the Family Court, judge Paul
Guest said failing to take into account a husband or wife’s exceptional
talent or skills in divorce settlements risked the “dumbing down of family
law”…. (Full Story)

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One Response to Divorce law robs talented spouses

  1. dblake862 says:

    I don’t think a special talent should be considered during a divorce process. If famous couple are to be divorce, then the divorce should be treated the same as it would be if the couple wasn’t famous. The couple should come to a reasonable outcome for their divorce settlement. If you really want to leave with a huge cut of the money then you probably got married for the wrong reasons. Instead of seeking advice for divorce [link deleted due to non-compliance with blog policy #8 ( http://blog.fathersforlife.org/about/ ) –WHS], you should seek marriage counseling!

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