Domestic violence a gender-balanced issue

Domestic violence a gender-balanced issue, although one would never know from the  mainstream media. The latter promotes a massive, all-pervasive anti-male bias, emphasized by a pronounced pro-female and pro-homosexual bias.

National Post
Barbara Kay: We’re still ignoring abused straight men

Posted: April 22, 2008, 4:38 PM by Marni Soupcoff

Barbara KayHeterosexual men can’t catch a break from the media. When they’re aggressors, they’re condemned. When they’re victims, they’re ignored. Conversely, when women — gay or straight — and gay men are victims, they’re pitied. And when they’re aggressors, they’re … hmm…also pitied.

A new study by Statistics Canada confirms what researchers in the field of domestic violence proved years ago: that partner violence amongst same-sex Canadians is significantly higher than amongst heterosexual couples. According to StatsCan, gays and lesbians experience twice the partner abuse of straight couples….


Anderssen erroneously concludes, “there are still no shelters in Canada specifically for gay men.” The truth is that there are quite a number of funded services for abused gays, including shelters and numerous counselling services, but almost none of either for abused straight men.

As ironic proof, the article is accompanied by a sidebar listing gay crisis services across Canada. Of the 10 cited, exactly one — Wheatland Shelter in Alberta–provides funded service to straight men in domestic violence crisis. [See my appended note. —WHS]

All women and gay men represent about 60% of our population, but where domestic violence is concerned, together attract 99% of the media’s sympathy and funded outreach. How long will the mainstream media’s unethical double standard in reportage of domestic violence persist?

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Note about the Wheatland Shelter (2018 07 02)

The Wheatland Shelter is in Strathmore, just east of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Alberta is a Canadian province with about (at the time, in 2008) three million residents.  In area, Alberta is about 95 percent of the size of Texas.

The website of the Wheatland Shelter states at its FAQ page:

Are you a women’s shelter?
Yes, we are a women’s shelter, but we also take male victims of domestic abuse.

Yes, they take up to two men, they had told me, when I had given them a call to find out, in about 2005.  At the time, the Wheatland Shelter, run by the Wheatland Crisis Society, was ready to accommodate up to two men in need of shelter, provided the space for those two men was not needed for women requiring  shelter.

More than 20 years later, the shortage of shelter space for men in Alberta persists unchanged.  It is the same in all of Canada.  There are no men’s shelters but close to 500 women’s shelters in all of Canada, although domestic violence involves men and women (as victims and as perpetrators) in roughly equal proportions.  That is how deep the hatred runs that the feminist-dominated and -controlled Canadian governments feel in their disdain for Canadian straight men. Here is an example of that.

If Men were Martians…

…Hedy Fry, secretary of state of Status of Women Canada, said in an interview that men will have to look elsewhere unless they want to study issues related to women.
Despite a quarter century of federal financial support, she said, Canadian women are still not on “a level playing field” with men.
“Hopefully there will come a time,” she said, “when we won’t have need for equality programs for women because men and women will be competing on a level playing field. Traditionally, 51 per cent of our resources [women] have not had the same opportunity as the 49 per cent [men] have had.”   “If there is a men’s group,” she added, “or a Martian group, that comes and says, “we agree with you, and we want to work in our community to change this, . . . if the project was a good one we would fund them….”   …Status of Women Canada has an annual budget of $17 million. About $9 million goes towards departmental costs and the rest is given in grants to women’s groups or programs.

—Chris Cobb, in the Ottawa Citizen, October 5, 1998

By that definition, men are not worthy victims and never will be, not sufficiently worthy to deserve government funding. That has not changed in the 20 years since, although – by any measure – the gender balance has long since shifted in favour of women.  There still is no government department called ‘Status of Men Canada’, and there still are no shelters for battered straight men in Canada.


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