Domestic violence a gender-balanced issue

Barbara Kay, writing for the National Post, has done it again. She once more exposed massive pro-female and pro-homosexual bias in the mainstream media.

National Post
Barbara Kay: We’re still ignoring abused straight men

Posted: April 22, 2008, 4:38 PM by Marni Soupcoff

Heterosexual men can’t catch a break from the media. When they’re aggressors, they’re condemned. When they’re victims, they’re ignored. Conversely, when women — gay or straight — and gay men are victims, they’re pitied. And when they’re aggressors, they’re …hmm … also pitied.

A new study by Statistics Canada confirms what researchers in the field of domestic violence proved years ago: that partner violence amongst same-sex Canadians is significantly higher than amongst heterosexual couples. According to StatsCan, gays and lesbians experience twice the partner abuse of straight couples….

….All women and gay men represent about 60% of our population, but where domestic violence is concerned, together attract 99% of the media’s sympathy and funded outreach. How long will the mainstream media’s unethical double standard in reportage of domestic violence persist?

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