The Intellectual Perversion of the VAWA Mafia

The Reality Check
23 March 2008

The Intellectual Perversion of the VAWA Mafia

By Carey Roberts

The Intellectual Perversion of the VAWA Mafia, by Carey Roberts, is an excellent account of government-sponsored intellectual perversion in the government-driven propaganda war, called VAWA (US Violence against Women Act), against men and families.

It shows that without a doubt the government-policy that government policies need to be based on lies instead of the truth (critiqued by Professors Reece Walters and Tim Hope in Critical thinking about the uses of research) is endemic not only in the U.K. but in the U.S. as well, as it is in all developed nations.

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One Response to The Intellectual Perversion of the VAWA Mafia

  1. SeanPatrick says:

    Stop VAWA based immigration fraud! The majority of VAWA cases are simply fraud perpetuated by dishonest residency seekers and organizations who benefit from the Billion in funding. Immigration fruad is a lucrative business which also harms the economy and American citizens.

    I was confronted by Sergeant John Bandemer of the Saint Paul Police ( Vice and Human Trafficking Unit) department for speaking out about immigration fraud. He only seemed concerned about the funding his department receives from a pro-immigrant and feminist group called the Civil Society via programs such as VAWA.

    Police departments are clearly better funded by arresting law abiding fathers in favor of dishonest immigrants who may be perusing VAWA based immigration fraud. That’s my opinion and the way I see things.

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