Reaping the whirlwind — Outcomes of lifestyle choice

Re: Reaping the Whirlwind • In her article “Why Shannon is one more victim of the folly of ‘lifestyle choice'”, Melanie Phillips describes the consequences of the deliberate destruction of the institution of the traditional nuclear family.

Why Shannon is one more victim of the folly of ‘lifestyle choice’

By Melanie Phillips On March 17, 2008

Daily Mail, 17 March 2008

You couldn’t avoid doing a double-take when you read it.

Karen Matthews, mother of the missing schoolgirl Shannon who thankfully was discovered alive and well a few days ago, referred to her daughter and one of her other six children as “twins”. These children are actually aged nine and ten.

But Ms Matthews says they are twins because she thinks that’s what you call children who have the same father.

With seven children by five different men, she seems to have no idea of what having the same father actually means.

This little vignette is as frightening as it is illuminating. It reveals not merely ignorance of some pretty basic facts about reproduction.

Far worse, one of the most fundamental and universal features of human society – the connection between children and their fathers – is something which Ms Matthews does not appear even to register.

Cases like this expose the lethal hole at the heart of our society. There has been a great deal of criticism of Ms Matthews’s household arrangements, as well as the “unconventional” lifestyle of Fiona MacKeown, mother of the 15-year-old girl murdered in Goa, who produced nine children by five different fathers.

Both women have been portrayed as irresponsible or feckless mothers. Now there’s a backlash with people saying they should not be blamed.

But why not? Here are no fewer than 16 children (one of whom now tragically lies dead) who have been exposed to harm, risk, emotional neglect and worse as a result of the gross irresponsibility of their mothers and fathers.

Ms Matthews has been denounced as an unfit parent by her own mother, who has claimed that Shannon and her siblings have suffered an awful life at the violent hands of Ms Matthews’s current boyfriend in residence, Craig Meehan – a charge he has strenuously denied. Ms MacKeown, meanwhile, has subjected her children to the anarchy of a hippy lifestyle….(Full Story)


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