Interfering with Marriage and Encroaching on National Sovereignty

European Bishops Criticize EU for Interfering with Marriage and Encroaching on National Sovereignty, but they don’t miss a beat in repeating the feminist mantra, “Men bad – Women good.”

Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-Fam)

European Bishops Criticize EU for Interfering with Marriage and Encroaching on National Sovereignty

January 24, 2008

By Maciej Golubiewski

(NEW YORK — C-FAM) A report just released by the European bishops calls on the European Union (EU) to focus on what they consider to be the real needs of families in Europe and further calls on the EU to respect national marriage laws of the member states. The report by the Commission of the European Bishops’ Conference (COMECE) entitled “Proposal for a Strategy of the European Union for the Support of Couples and Marriage” focuses on two fundamental problems that present high emotional, social and financial costs to European society: the continuing increase in divorce rates and the difficulty faced by young Europeans who decide to raise children….(Full Story)

F4L: The European Bishops have a big problem. They do not give recognition to one of the major driving forces that cause the deterioration of the institution of the family for the sake of population control, the World Health Organization, nor do they recognize that the promotion of anti-male domestic violence propaganda, such as in the following paragraph in the European Bishops’ report, is one of the most effective tools in the promotion of anti-family and anti-male sentiments in the general population.

1.4. Domestic Violence

Domestic violence by men against women darkens the life of many couples and is one of the causes of family break-up. It is very often a consequence of a couple’s incapacity to deal properly with conflicts. The problem exists in all EU member states and in all social classes. Data on this phenomenon is difficult to obtain and to interpret. However, the World Health Organisation has estimated that world-wide – depending on the country and the assessment method – between 10% and 69% of women have been physically attacked by their husband or partner.

The true reality of domestic violence is not and never was a secret: Men and women are perpetrators of violence in families in about equal proportions, and the incidence rates promoted by the WHO are a massive exaggeration. Moreover, women are by far the primary perpetrators of violence against children in families – virtually exclusively so in families headed by single mothers. Children comprise the largest group of domestic violence victims, and the vast majority of violence against children in families is being perpetrated by women.

It is mind-boggling that the European Bishops should not know about that and instead mindlessly parrot WHO-originated and promoted anti-family and anti-male propaganda. Given that circumstance, one must question their sincerity with respect to their alleged concerns about the deteriorating welfare of children in families and about the progressing, systematic destruction of the institution of the family.

At the root of the problem of the inexorable and systematic destruction of the family is the systematic abrogation and destruction of respect for all men and especially of respect for fathers in families. The European Bishops contribute more than their fair share to that.

The report by the European Bishops stresses a specific priority area “Promoting gender
equality through the prevention of family break-up”. One does not create fertile ground for gender equality by demonizing men and sanctifying women.

Whether the European Bishops are all-out feminists, merely fanatical adherents to feminist ideology and dogma, or whether they simply don’t know any better, it makes little difference.  Not even if they tried to deliberately miss the target, they could not be that far from the truth.

Men and women commit domestic violence not only in equal proportions, when it comes to intimate partner violence, women are slightly more often the perpetrators.  When it comes to violence against children, women have a virtual monopoly on violence against children in families, and that does not even take into account about 50 million children that women kill or have killed each year through abortions in the world.


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  1. David Millar


    I have come to the belief that this confounding contradiction of sensible understanding is strongly suggestive of complicity in the Josef Stalin style destruction of the family.

    Granted, in today’s secular society, the bishops are clutching at straws to seem relevant to the bureaucratic “in-crowd”, but if I couldn’t ascribe some kind of rationale, however weak, for their action in this, I would be forced to conclude that they were simply morons.

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