Men Wanted…

…Skilled workers, that is.  Skilled work always has been and still is the domain of men; relatively few and insufficient instances of a few women who wish to be like men excepted.

In all developed nations a serious shortage of skilled workers is developing (see appended examples).  That is not an unforeseen or unexpected social development.  It is a condition that was deliberately created in a political evolution that put ideology over common sense.

Unfortunately, the noble dreams of feminists and liberal social engineers to the contrary, the reality of the economy is that the welfare and growth of national economies cannot be based on the outcomes of affirmative action policies and hiring quotas, it must be based on rewarding excellence…. (Full Story)

Fathers for Life: The article identified above discusses the upcoming and catastrophic shortage of skilled workers that is developing world-wide and will begin to be the cause of serious multi-year delays in major, critical construction jobs.

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