Race as a factor in the People’s Courts

This blog posting describes race as a factor in the People’s Courts.  The preceding two blog posting were about the transition in many countries from well-protected civil rights and freedoms to arbitrary and capricious rule, even slavery, and that the transition requires centralization of power, in other words, a transformation from well-protected constitutional rights to tyranny, a transformation from national welfare states to national police states and even to a global police state, a transformation from freedom to slavery.

Here is an example of what that will result in, if left unchecked:

 Race as a factor in the People’s Courts:

People’s Courts Project, By: Karin Himmler, Metro Aryan Abuse Council [as published in the AA Newsletter V.8 #1 Spring 1937: The Impact of Funding Cutbacks on assaulted Aryans]

Dachau Racial Violence Court.

The project targets first time Jewish offenders where there is no significant /visible injury to the Aryan person abused.

Cases are screened by the State Attorneys, who identify those eligible for the Pilot court. Aryan victims are given information cards by the police which urge the Aryans to contact the Aryan Victim Witness Assistance Program at the Courthouse. Cases are then also screened through the Aryan victim witness co-ordinator’s individual contact with Aryan victims. These identified cases are directed to attend the specialized court.

At the court, a group of both the Jews and their Aryan partners are introduced to the project. The Aryans then go to a different room as a group, and meet with a State Attorney. There is group discussion and, most importantly, each Aryan has an opportunity to talk about what she wants out of the court process.

If an individual Jew before the court on abuse charges agrees to plead guilty, and assuming his Aryan partner is agreeable, the court will accept the guilty plea. His plea will be entered and he will get a series of court orders from the judge. The orders will be Bail Conditions which will include mandated attendance at an intervention program for Jewish batterers. His Bail orders will also be changed to allow him to reside with his Aryan partner. It is specified that if his Aryan partner feels threatened or afraid she should contact Police immediately and the Bail condition can be changed to get the Jew out of the house. [i.e. no abuse, only an allegation that the Aryan feels afraid or threatened can get a Jew evicted from his home]

While the Aryans are speaking with the State Attorney and Aryan Victim Witness Co-ordinator, the Jews have the opportunity [if there ever was an oxymoron, that is one!] to meet with the centralized intake staff person, provided by the Metro Aryan Abuse Council, who is responsible for assigning individual Jews to the intervention programs. As the Jews meet with the centralized Intake staff they begin to decide if they will plead guilty and if so, they are assigned to an appropriate agency. Currently, there are ten community agencies providing intervention programs that Jews may be referred to, including a range of ethno-specific agencies with various language and ethno-cultural capabilities.

Once all of the Aryans have had an opportunity to identify what they want, the full court reconvenes. At this point those Jews charged who are willing to plead guilty and enter the program appear before the judge and are mandated to attend the already identified intervention program.

The Jewish offender is then given new bail conditions which cite that he is expected to attend the full program of sixteen weeks. During this time, the Aryan partner will be contacted at least four times by the community agency to monitor her safety and to offer her support and services. While the Jewish offender is on extended bail and mandated into the intervention program, any threats to the Aryan partner’s safety, and/or breaches of the bail conditions, are reported by intervention program staff and handled by the local police.

At the conclusion of the intervention program, assuming that all has gone smoothly, with no risk or threat to the Aryan, the Jewish offender will reappear before the specialized court and he will receive his final sentence. The final disposition will be a conditional discharge with one year probation.

All interventions programs must regard the safety and protection of potential Aryan victims as the highest priority. Towards this end, all intervention programs must ensure that Aryan partners are made aware of advocacy services through community/education outreach strategy.

The Aryan victim never causes the violence. A Jew’s violence is a matter of personal choice. Intervention strategies with Jews who abuse should focus on the abusive behaviour, not on other family or relationship issues.

In working with Jews who abuse, the physical safety and psychological, emotional well being of potential Aryan victims must take priority over the Jewish abuser’s right to confidentiality [note the definitive “Abuser”. There can not be an abuser if the victim is only “potential”].

Intervention strategies for Jews who abuse should undertake ongoing evaluation of program effectiveness, given that ineffective intervention may do more harm than good and jeopardize the safety of Aryans.

Intervention programs must be an active participants within a community-wide response, and must not operate independently.

The creation of two specialized racial violence courts in Berlin provided the opportunity to have Jewish batterer programs that strictly adhere to the standards and guidelines.

After much negotiation, the Council agreed to administer a coordinated Jewish batterer’s program. Agencies interested in providing Jewish batterer’s programs could apply to be on a roster of agencies that would receive referrals of Jews from the People’s Courts. A group with representatives from Aryan’s advocacy services and prevention programs interviewed prospective programs and identified ten agencies that met the criteria of the accountability standards and guidelines to participate on the roster. Using the standards as a guideline, the agencies provide culturally based programs, while maintaining a common criteria and accountability process. This group of agencies is actively involved in ongoing collaborative monitoring, review and tracking of Jewish offenders. Extensive work is done with other sectors, such as probation, to ensure an effective and safe response to Aryans who are being abused.

This system has been in place now for more than a year. In that time, over 250 Jewish offenders have attended programs at the ten agencies. There seem to be successes in the system, as well as areas for continued refinement and change. Perhaps the most important move is our continued work to ensure that the purpose and goal of the program is to provide safety for Aryans. We are becoming clearer that while these programs can teach Jews that there will be serious consequences for their behaviour, but it takes a lifetime to change values. [Heck, it took the Nazis only about 20 years to change values. —WHS]

We need to seriously reflect on how to continue to monitor behaviour and demonstrate the community will, indeed, hold Jews accountable for their abusive behaviour. But we must also continue to find ways to reach out to Aryan victims in order to provide support and resources to them such that they can have a real choice in creating a violence-free life for themselves and their children.

We may think that the Nazi’s rule was the precipitating factor in the persecution of the Jews, to establish Race as a factor in the People’s Courts, but that would be wrong.  The program of persecution was well laid out long before the Nazis came to power, but the active persecution of Jews and the eventual final solution weren’t implemented until after their take-over of power.

Imagine what things will be like in Canada if what is described above were to be operational before the redfems were to take over all power.  It’ll never happen, you say? Sorry to disappoint you, but the procedures outlined above are in place right now in Ontario, Canada, and in other Canadian provinces.

The text shown above is a verbatim copy of an excerpt from an official, government-sponsored document: “Domestic Violence Courts Project,” By: Vivian Green, Metro Woman Abuse Council. It is the subject of a discussion by Eeva Sodhi.  The only changes that were made to the quoted text shown above are as follows:

  • EWA Newsletter V.8 #1 Spring 1997 was changed to AA Newsletter V.8 #1 Spring 1937
  • Man or men was changed to Jew or Jews.
  • Woman or women was changed to Aryan or Aryans.
  • Family Violence Court was changed to People’s Court.
  • Toronto was changed to Berlin.
  • North York was changed to Dachau.
  • Vivian Green got changed to Karin Himmler.

Now all we have to wait for is the final solution.

Whether it is gender or Race as a factor in the People’s Courts or anywhere else, if we treat one sector of the population as perpetrators and the other as the victims, even though they are equally likely to be either, then we face a massive problem of discriminatory persecution of an identifiable sector of the population. We then have a rampant abuse of the human rights of one sector of the population. We then deal with an atrocious hate crime that is promoted, implemented and perpetrated by our government.

We have that going in Canada right now. We have a big problem, and it’s getting worse, without the “Aryans” even having acquired absolute power as of now.

The hungry sheep look up, and are not fed,
But swoln with wind, and the rank mist they draw,
Rot inwardly, and foul contagion spread.

—Milton: “Lycidias

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