From Welfare State to Police State in the EU

The preceding blog entry on the evolution in the US from the welfare state to the police state mentioned the intensive international networking of bureaucrats and judiciary activists.

Here now, and speaking of networking by bureaucrats and judiciary activists and of the problems that causes, have a look at a short summary of the problems that are occurring on account of that in the EU. There, as in the USA, Canada and other countries affected by the global transition from welfare state to police state, that progression involves no less than having bureaucrats and judicial activists abolish and abrogate the national constitutional rights of citizens — without any sort of parliamentary or congressional discussions, debates or votes.

EU: From Welfare State to Police State

Here is a fascinating insight into the workings and the growth of the Corpus Juris. It appears that the European Parliament is working furiously to justify a decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) – which permits the EU to define crimes and set penalties – and to approve the construction of an EU judiciary and police, for enforcing them….Full Story

Of course, already in 1997 Kofi Annan announced in one of his speeches that by the year 2000 the global evolution towards the abrogation of international boundaries would have progressed to the point where it could no longer be reversed.

The evolution towards a police state appears to be as unavoidable on a global level as it was in any other local totalitarian regime that established and maintained its power through the centralization of political and bureaucratic might.

However, wherever the centralization happened, whether it happened through a military, ideological, bureaucratic or political consolidation of power or a combination of them, from the first recorded instances in history until now, massive abolition and centralization of local autonomy always resulted in social and economic chaos and ultimate collapse of the societies that had hoped to create Paradise on Earth through the creation of empires.

It appears that in every single instance of the rise and fall of such an empire the creation of the police state was not possible until first the protection of the civil rights and privileges provided by the traditional nuclear family was destroyed.

The reality of that is that the implementation of the systematic destruction of the family never did and never will result in freedom, it always results in slavery. No totalitarian regime, not even a global one, can come into existence and persist without slavery.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton)


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