Flushing hubby down the drain is not news

Flushing hubby down the drain is not news — Why NOT?  Well, media bias, for one thing, but could there be another reason?  What would it be?

Brisbane Times (Australia)
9 January 2008

Woman kills husband, flushes him down the toilet

Berlin – A woman in Germany put an end to her troubled marriage by chopping up her husband and flushing parts of him down the toilet, authorities said today.

“‘You won’t find him, I’ve flushed him down the toilet’, is what she told (her children),” said Andre Hartwich, a spokesman for police in the western city of Duesseldorf…. (Full Story)

The story apparently did not make the big news anywhere. Flushing hubby down the drain not news, while the killing of a cat by putting her in a microwave oven is (Canada, Jan. 5, 2008) most definitely is not and was not then.

Teens who microwaved cat get probation

CBC News · Posted: Sep 04, 2008 4:23 PM MT | Last Updated: September 4, 2008
Two Alberta teens who admitted to killing a cat in a microwave oven were sentenced Thursday to one year probation and 100 hours of community service.

The boys, both 16, were also barred from owning pets for two years, and ordered not to possess or play violent video games….Full Story

Some of the preferential treatment of what is news-worthy and what is not is probably due to the maxim that “Dog Bites Man” is not news but “Man Bites Dog” is.  It  does not matter how one rationalizes it, media bias remains media bias, for any reason and by any other name.

It is fascinating that the media spent time (as was done in the article about the sentencing of the kids who killed the cat) in quite a few articles at the time about the sentence handed down for the killing of the cat.  It is even more interesting that the killing of the husband (and let’s be clear, he had suffered no less than the cat did, because he had been the victim in a long history of serious physical abuse against him, by his wife) was not discussed much in the media.  Not only that, but the story about him being killed, chopped up and being flushed down the toilet never made the mainstream media, let alone the evening news or the front pages.  A lot of people know about the two boys who killed the cat, and relatively few heard or read about the man who got killed by his wife, because flushing hubby down the drain is not news.

There is no escaping the reality that cats rank higher in the order of things than do men.

One of the clues why the gruesome murder and method of disposal of the husband in Duesseldorf, Germany, did not make the big news is provided in this article — already in its title:

Spero News

Germany: Wife ‘flushed Muslim husband down toilet’

The woman had previously tried to poison her husband, and on one occasion she had seriously injured him with a hammer. Police were shocked that the long-suffering husband had never reported these incidents.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008
By Adrian Morgan

All too often, one encounters horrific tales of Muslim women suffering at the hands of conservative and patriarchal menfolk. A bizarre story from DPA via Expatica reports that a Muslim couple living in Dusseldorf appeared to have marital difficulties which ended in extreme violence…. (Full Story)

From the perspective of animal rights activists and feminists, it is a good thing that no one can get away scot-free with killing a cat, and that women who kill their husbands almost always will.

The woman who had been fatally abusing her husband, chopped him up and flushed him down the toilet never was sentenced for her deeds, not even to probation, because flushing hubby down the drain is not news.  If the woman did not die, she is still around, and if you live in Macedonia, she could be your neighbour, your neighbour’s wife, maybe even yours.


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