The Feminist Threat

to the Roman Catholic Church in the U.K.

I am, in fact, convinced, that what feminism promotes in its radical form is no longer the Christianity that we know; it is another religion.

Pope Benedict XVI
speaking (as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) on radical feminism.
Excerpt from ‘The Ratzinger Report’ (Ignatius Press)

The preceding quote is from

This resource website on catholic feminism has been created in response to a series of articles titled “The Feminist Threat to the Church” by Patricia Phillips, published in the monthly journal Christian Order. It has been produced and funded by an inter-diocesan group of Catholics, who are not affiliated to, or funded by, any organisation/journal. The adverse effect that radical feminism is having on the Church in the UK – and indeed across the world – is a matter of deep concern to many Catholics. There is also grave concern regarding the failure of the bishops even to acknowledge there is a problem, let alone address it….(Full Story)

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