Heritage Foundation Family Facts

The Heritage Foundation’s familyfacts.org catalogs social science findings on the family, society and religion gleaned from peer-reviewed journals, books and government surveys. Serving policymakers, journalists, scholars and the general public, familyfacts.org makes social science research easily accessible to the non-specialist. (Source: Heritage Foundation: Family Facts)

Thumbs-up to the Heritage Foundation, who with its “Family Facts” established easy accessibility to vital information on families.  It makes finding such information compiled by the Heritage Foundation much, much easier than was formerly the case.  The categories of the various facts published by the Heritage Foundation are accessible through the HF-FF Archive.  The link to that is well worth book-marking.


Top Ten Findings  (index page)

»  November 2007: For Love and Money – The Impact of Marriage on Economic Well-Being

»  October 2007: Promoting the Positive – The Link between Individual Religious Practice and Social Outcomes

»  September 2007: Strengthening Children’s Success in School

»  August 2007: A Wise Investment – Benefits from Families Spending Time Together

»  July 2007: Early Childhood Outcomes

»  June 2007: Beyond a Breadwinner – How Fathers Make a Difference in their Children’s Life Prospects

»  May 2007: Teen Sexual Behavior

»  April 2007: Health Matters: How Life Decisions Affect Well-Being

»  March 2007: Protecting Children and Family Against Violence

»  February 2007: Cohabitation vs. Marriage: How Love’s Choices Shape Life Outcomes

»  January 2007: Poverty in American Households

»  December 2006: Family, Religion & Adolescent Well-Being

»  November 2006: Why We’re Thankful for Family

»  October 2006: Civic Engagement

»  September 2006: Back to School

»  August 2006: A Closer Look at Welfare

»  July 2006: Parenting Matters

»  June 2006: The Benefits of Marriage

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