Feminism and families are as old as civilization

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Deep down, more or less buried under a layer of chivalry that varies in thickness from man to man, every man knows either openly (a few) or subconsciously (most) that he is being shafted, that ongoing and escalating anti-male discrimination has, in the eyes of society, turned virtually all men into sub-humans, through a process that is not driven centrally, as in other totalitarian regimes, but is steered and motivated by an all-pervasive, totalitarian and state-promoted ideology, a religion. In effect, today’s men are the equivalent of the Jews during the late 1930s in the Nazi regime. Men are being vilified and slandered by much the same but far more pervasive and effective methods as those used in other totalitarian regimes. Today’s men are the Jews of the third millennium, and they are not happy with that.

Feminism has become a state-promoted and state-sponsored religion. That, in a closed world-society, makes opposition by men about as effective as it was for them to oppose the priests in ancient Egypt. Nevertheless, men are as much the slaves now as they were then, with one important difference. Men are no longer led and directed by men, they are being led and directed by women, and – let there be no mistake – this time not by their mothers, the mothers that at one time stood by their husbands and fathers of their children.

The social institution of the family is as old as civilization, and so is feminism. When women and men were still united, when families were still important and the building blocks of our civilization, opposition to feminist oppression was still possible. The successful war against the family put the ax to that, and the eradication of the traditional nuclear family is almost done.

Men weren’t defeated, they resigned – once the protection of their families was gone. They are not so much retreating and fighting a rear-guard action now as they are negotiating from the position of the defeated the terms of their surrender after the war against the family is almost over.

We don’t have much time (some people say, no more than two years in the US) before we run out of a chance for saving the family, the restoration of the status of men and of the respect society once had for men, before the social chaos and damage brought about by feminist liberalism becomes irreversible. Here in Canada there are no discussions like that in the mainstream media. There are few discussions like that in any of the developed nations. There are most definitely very few discussions like that in the men’s movement.

As far as saving our families is concerned, the members of the men’s movement seem to be busy scrabbling to salvage for themselves what they can amongst the ruins, rubble and ashes of what once were our families.

Yes, men do get riled up already, openly and in practical ways. They insist on getting their share of the equality that feminism had promised men would get by women assuming their fair share of the work and the risks formerly carried by men alone.

Just last Wednesday a man told me that a woman he had been living with and whom he had intended to marry refused to work, and that she had instead constantly partied. He “fired” her because she would not work, being quite clear and adamant. She had not to have lived up to what was her duty, namely to contribute her equal share of work to their consumer group of two, as he saw it.

I think that’s great, he had every right, and I am sure that there are many more men like that. He thought of equal shares in terms of sharing expenses and had to assume all, instead of sharing them. She thought of her equal share in terms of what she considered to be her rightful share of what she thought to be enjoyment, by acquiring and using up all of it and by consuming all of the money he brought home. Neither of them had been willing to exercise their primary function and the responsibilities and duties that arose out of their union, to produce and raise children in the safety and comfort of the family. That they broke up was a good thing under their circumstances, but not a good thing for society. It is an evolutionary dead end for civilization and for the population in that civilization.

We need functioning families, not happy consumer groups of men and women.

If consumerism is the primary goal of society, then it will be better for men and women not to share anything at all and to live in individual isolation. That will drive the frenzy of consumerism and production of consumer goods to the max, but without families and children the economy and society will collapse, and we will all be gone within two generation.

– Walter

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