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The Australian “Grambo” : Rape debunked

Dear Klara, Sorry, but the story you forwarded is false! Not only that, but even though you suggested that she should be deported to Canada to help us out here, we don’t really need “Grambo”. False stories like that hurt not only all men but all of us; all the more so because such urban myths are so persistent.  Even though that false story originated in February 2000, more than seven years later it still circulates through the Internet. According to feminist propaganda, even “consensual marital sex is rape,”and “all men are potential rapists” (true, but so are all women, and that fact is never, ever mentioned by feminists). That … Continue reading

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How feminism causes unhappiness, misery

It seems to me that many men who are presently unhappy for a variety of reasons have only vague notions that some of their unhappiness at work, at home or in the courts, is caused by discrimination and anti-male sexism fostered by feminism. In essence, the reason for their dissatisfaction is that, throughout the world, feminism causes unhappiness. Modern feminism came about to make women happy.  It gained much popularity and support on account of that premise.  For much of the ten-thousand years of the existence of civilization (and probably for much longer before that), mankind’s major objective was to make women happy, in attempts to regulate human sexuality, by … Continue reading

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Church vs Men

Church vs Men IVA wrote (in a forwarded message): A writer for the Jackson Sun argues, correctly in my view, that men are staying away from evangelical churches in droves because the evangelical church has been so thoroughly feminized that males find little there to appeal to them. He cites a book by David Murrow, “Why Men Hate Going to Church,” which argues that “manly men” have all but abandoned the church because churches primarily cater to women by over-emphasizing the softer, feminine virtues of Christianity such as gentleness, forgiveness, sensitivity, meekness and sweetness. (I’ve often observed that one of the myths the evangelical church has believed is that God … Continue reading

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Men: guilty until proven innocent

From: Men: guilty until proven innocent Quotes from the article: Child advocate John Walsh advises parents to never hire a male baby sitter. The host of Fox’s “America’s Most Wanted” wants to help other parents protect their kids. He’s advocated for missing children since 1981, after his son was killed by a stranger….Is the no-mannies rule male profiling? Or is it just a precaution, no different than mothers dragging their sons into the women’s room with them until the boys are old enough to protest? Or moms standing outside the men’s room, yelling inside to their pre-teen sons “Are you OK in there?”…. Zaslow gave example after example of … Continue reading

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Why I don’t take feminists seriously, by Mike Adams

In 2006, Mike S. Adams, at, wrote a series of articles under the title “Why I don’t take feminists seriously”. The series addresses a fair portion of the full scope of feminism (feminist Marxism, feminist humour, feminist sexuality, feminist masturbation, feminist racism, feminists on abortions, feminist logic, feminist men (e g.: husbands or boyfriends of feminist women), and much more). You need to read the series. Here are the links: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part IV of the series contains a link to an article on a Grinnell masturbation Workshop sponsored by the Feminist Action Coalition. When I followed that link to Grinnell’s website, I … Continue reading

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Disunity in the fathers-rights movement matters

Disunity in the fathers-rights movement matters.  Over the years I subscribed to a few formal and informal fathers-rights mailing lists.  The comments presented in this posting relate to a trend that recently emerged in all of those mailing lists. The trend relates to discussions in which general dissatisfaction is being expressed about the lack of unification in the men’s-rights and fathers-rights movements. The dissatisfaction that receives so much attention right now is well-justified. There is no unity in the fathers-rights movement. The reasons for that are complicated and take too long to express in this posting. Let’s just accept the dissatisfaction as a fact, a fact that has been around … Continue reading

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Men made the Industrial Revolution happen

Men made the Industrial Revolution happen, but radical feminists obscure and downplay the plight of men in that, too, with nothing more than indoctrination through time-proven communist propaganda tactics. Here is an example, quoted from a feminist website that purports to be an aid in the education of children: Classroom Lesson Series The Plight of Women’s Work in the Early Industrial Revolution in England and Wales © 2001 Women In World History Curriculum Interactive site full of information and resources about women’s experiences in world history. For teachers, teenagers, parents, and history buffs. It is your own fault if you believe the following (or any other) quote from that website. … Continue reading

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Canadian Child-Support Guidelines

The Canadian Child-Support Guidelines are not law.  Judges do not have to follow them and can instead use their “judicial discretion.”  They can, over and above CS amounts based on the guidelines, award special allowances.  Moreover, they can “impute” your income  (impute:, and postulate what you should be able to earn rather than base their CS awards on what you are able to earn (you should be entitled to have your CS amount calculated based on your average gross income as per the last three years’ income tax returns). Bruce wrote: Good afternoon, I know that there is a child support table out there on the income you make … Continue reading

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Sweden: “politically-correct” vs. “-incorrect” dads’ rights

As the founder of and spokesman for PappaRättsGruppen (a Father Rights Group, I supported one of my members and fellow fathers at a manifesto/demonstration outside the lower court of Växjö last Friday. In the newspaper Växjöbladet-Kronobergaren with only 3 000 subscribers (published in 30,000 copies on Friday, August 31st) you could read that a spokesperson for the foundation Pappa-Barn (Daddy-Child, thinks that PappaRättsGruppen [Ulf Andersson’s organization – F4L] tends to focus on the dads – not on the children. “I get scared when I enter their website, they are pure woman haters,” says Kim Möller, spokesperson for Pappa-Barn. Kim is not impressed by PappaRättsGruppen and say that even … Continue reading

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Aaron Russo passed away

Unfortunately, Aaron Russo died on August 24, 2007 at age 64 of cancer of the bladder. I independently found throughout the past few decades or so many of the same truths that Aaron Russo documented. (close to two hours) Let there be no mistake. Russo doesn’t stress that point very much (although he alludes to it), but what Russo presents is not an American problem, it is an international one. World government is being rammed down our throats. The big banks are the driving force, they control the money supply, and there is not a single developed nation (and not a single developing one I heard of) that does … Continue reading

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