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Some suicides require coverage, but always with sensitivity

During the last little while, a considerable number of years, decades, in fact, murder-suicides by women were rarely reported (for one thing, the female suicide part of those incidents was most often a token attempt), and female-perpetrated murders were, if ever, shown with a couple or so paragraphs on the back pages in our newspapers. That, as also shown in the article indicated here, has seen a dramatic reversal during the past few days. “Some suicides require coverage [by implication, others do not – F4L], but always with sensitivity.” So says Jim Slusher, Daily Herald Columnist. He states in the conclusion of his article: Any violent or unexpected death is … Continue reading

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Swedish “fathers rights” groups slug it out

News from Sweden The foundation Daddy-Child (Pappa-Barn) says that The Father Rights Group “PappaRättsGruppen” is extremist. Last Friday, The Father Rights Group from Växjö proclaimed a manifesto outside the lower court of Växjö. They had plaques stating that they are “sperm machines”. – You can´t fight extremists with extreme methods, says Kim Möller, co-ordinater for south of Sweden in the foundation Pappa-Barn (Daddy-Child). I get scared when I visit their homepage.  Their way to success is to co-operate with women’s shelters. PappaRättsGruppen tend to focus on dads and not on children, says Kim. The statements above will be published in the newspaper Växjöbladet-Kronobergaren (VK) – printed in 30,000 copies on … Continue reading

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Deadly fight over girl

Chicago Sun-Times Deadly fight over girl CRYSTAL LAKE | Mom apparently kills 7-year-old, walks in front of train August 30, 2007 BY DAN ROZEK AND LISA DONOVAN Staff Reporters/ A young Crystal Lake mother apparently suffocated her 7-year-old daughter, then killed herself by stepping in front of a speeding Metra train, McHenry County authorities said Wednesday. The deaths happened Tuesday in the midst of a legal fight 28-year-old Magdalene Kamysz was waging over the daughter police suspect she killed….(Full Story)

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A father’s staggering loss

Chicago Tribune, 27 August 2007 Two weeks after his children and wife were killed in a Naperville fire, Anand Tiwari exists somewhere between the past, present By Sara Olkon, Tribune staff reporter For Anand Tiwari, time stopped on Aug. 11. That Saturday afternoon, police would later tell him, his wife murdered their two young children and killed herself by igniting a fire that engulfed the three in flames inside the family’s Naperville home. (Full Story) __________ Note by F4L: Apparently it does not happen very often that a mother kills her children and then herself.  More often it happens that the mother appears to pretend to have made an suicide … Continue reading

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Suspect: Stabbing of wife was self-defense

Strauss called police on spouse in 2005; she reported threats By Christine Reid (Contact) Wednesday, August 29, 2007 Homicide suspect Alfred Michael Strauss listens during his bond hearing Tuesday at the Boulder County Jail. A Boulder man arrested on suspicion of fatally stabbing his former wife Monday told police he was acting in self defense. Alfred Michael Strauss, 45, is facing a possible charge of first-degree murder in the slaying of 36-year-old Laura Swan, who went by the name Laura Strauss when the two were married. In 2005, Strauss called police to report Swan was trying to provoke a fight while they were going through a divorce. Swan reported then … Continue reading

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Wausau-area man used ceremonial knife to kill wife, self

The Associated Press, Posted August 29, 2007 WAUSAU — A 31-year-old man fatally stabbed his 25-year-old wife and hours later killed himself with a 12-inch ceremonial knife as he fled from a sheriff’s deputy, police said today. (Full Story)

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Elkhart County murder suicide – Reaction

Reaction to Elkhart County murder suicide — Two young girls in Elkhart County said goodbye Tuesday to their mother and father. Police say their mother, 33 year-old Karla Fernandez, was shot and killed by their father, 31 year-old Omar Fernandez, who later shot himself in the head….(Full Story) _____________ Notice that the story is by the YWCA and that the views of the fathers are not mentioned, namely: “Newscenter 16 had a chance to talk to some of Karla’s friends both on the scene and over the phone.” Objective reporting would have included the results of talking to some of Omar’s friends, right?

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Paternity Fraud Report

The Innocent Third Party: Victims of Paternity Fraud (110 kB PDF file) BY RONALD K. HENRY; Family Law Quarterly, Volume 40, Number 1, Spring 2006 This is the best overview yet written by anyone I saw on the scope and nature of paternity fraud and related issues. — WHS From the article: The bottom line in the drive to find some man, any man, to drive up the paternity establishment rate is that “fairness was not a high concern.”…. In Los Angeles County, eighty percent of paternity establishments are entered by default judgment, whereas for the State of California as a whole, the number is sixty-eight percent.  California is not … Continue reading

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Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Program 2006 Client Survey

The survey report, Final Report — Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Program 2006 Client Survey was prepared by Burke & Associates Inc., November 28, 2006, based on a client survey undertaken in June 2006.The results of the survey were published via the website of the Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) of Alberta Justice. The Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Program 2006 Client Survey was prominently mentioned on the Alberta MEP home page, with Alberta MEP implying thereby that they not only fully endorse what the survey report contains, but that they will base forthcoming changes to MEP policies and work processes relating to its interactions with it clients (a.k.a. “creditors” and “debtors”) on the recommendations made … Continue reading

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Men and energy, the foundation of modern civilization

Men and energy are the foundation of modern civilization. The latter would not have come to exist without men, not be modern without plenty, generally accessible and cheap, affordable energy. Men invented ever more ways by which energy is used to make people’s lives easier. That began with men using animal muscles instead those of humans to get necessary work done.  It progressed to having incredible amounts of work done through the generation of energy and applying it to move mountains, to bore through and under them, to go around, under and over them, by flying far above them, even into space. Still, importantly, just as men were for more … Continue reading

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