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Man found after 7 years dead in bed

Man found after 7 years dead in bed. The decomposed body of a man found after nearly seven years. No one missed him! FYI: German man found after 7 years dead in bed Fri May 11, 2007 8:30AM EDT Source: BERLIN (Reuters) – The decomposed corpse of a German man was found alone in his bed after nearly seven years, police in the western city of Essen said Thursday. The police said in a statement the man was 59 and unemployed at the time of his death. He most likely died of natural causes on November 30, 2000, the date he received a letter from the Welfare Office found … Continue reading

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Legal Recognition of chosen “gender”

J. W. [name removed as per request 2011 03 26] wrote: Hi Walter, What do you think of the fact that Elizabeth the Second, By the Grace of God of Canada and Her other Territories Queen, Head of Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, has given Royal Assent to the Gender Recognition Act in the UK? Excerpt from the Gender Recognition Act: (1) Where a full gender recognition certificate is issued to a person, the person’s gender becomes for all purposes the acquired gender (so that, if the acquired gender is the male gender, the person’s sex becomes that of a man and, if it is the female gender, the person’s … Continue reading

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