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Is there censorship of sent comments pertaining to Erin Pizzey’s article in the Daily Mail?

Although I had sent a comment on Erin Pizzey’s article (How feminists tried to destroy the family, 22nd January 2007) to the Daily Mail a couple of days ago, the comment has not been posted yet at their website. Perhaps … Continue reading

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New Book Coming: “Taken Into Custody”

——– Original Message ——– Subject: [Mention] New Book Coming: “Taken Into Custody” Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 23:13:57 -0500 From: Stephen Baskerville Please forward this message to your lists. I recently signed a contract with a current affairs publisher for … Continue reading

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Men and the Industrial Revolution

MonKayGRL wrote: Dear fathers for life, i was doing some research for a term paper that i have to do for a class, when i stumbled upon your website. i was excited to read an article that didn’t have the … Continue reading

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