Entire families could be put into care — protective custody

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Entire families could be put into care in radical plan, under a proposal that surfaced yesterday in New Zealand, while I was writing my commentary on Shelter for Jews opens.

Pardon the workings of my suspicious mind, but when such things are checked out in more depth, it is often found that there is a common source or driving force for such proposals for similar actions for radical social re-engineering at opposite ends of the world.

I will not satirize this specific article to draw attention to the similarities between the social evolution in Nazi-Germany that made it palatable to incarcerate and exterminate people by the millions then and where very similar modern developments regarding the treatment of elements deemed undesirable in today’s society will take us now.

Every such journey starts with a first step.  They all produce the same result: the State will be in a position of absolute totalitarian power.

The sovereignty of the family is all that stands between us and absolute tyranny.

Entire families could be put into care in radical plan

New Zealand Herald
1.00pm Saturday November 18, 2006

Dysfunctional families rife with drug and welfare dependency could be taken into care as part of radical social welfare changes by the Government.

Intensive family therapy — which can include removing members from their home — is one option the Social Development Ministry is examining as it works to deal with dysfunctional homes , The Dominion Post reported today. …(Full Story)

The way I see it, first the State creates the conditions (mainly through the deliberate and systematic disfranchisement of parents) whereby families become dysfunctional in wholesale numbers.  Then the State moves in to take the place of parents and thereby usurps absolute control of families.  Nothing states anywhere that the State is prohibited from setting or changing its standards by which it is determined whether a particular family needs to be “put into care”.

The Nazis called it “Schutzhaft”, that is, “protective custody”, whereby they justified that millions of people were to be placed into concentration camps.  Those people, too, in the Nazis’ own words, were “put into care”.

First they came for the fathers, then for the mothers, and now for both parents in intact families.  In the end all children will be in the care, custody and control of the State.

—Walter H. Schneider

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