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Why men are paid more

Herald Sun (Melbourne) 16 October 2006 Why men are paid more By Bettina Arndt Bettina Arndt writes: Every few years the Australian Bureau of Statistics releases data about the gender wage gap. And every time the Labor Party announces the … Continue reading

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[US] Violence Against Women Act: The Fast Food of Law

Domestic violence is in the news throughout the whole year, but especially at this time of the year. It’s the season of domestic violence months, October in some countries, give or take a month, depending on country. Someone pointed me … Continue reading

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Time to Blow the Whistle on the UN Violence Report

RADAR Alert > ACTION Sought Time to Blow the Whistle on the UN Violence Report Two weeks ago the United Nations issued its one-sided Study on Violence Against Women: If you haven’t reviewed the report yet, think of it … Continue reading

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Steven Kaminski Finally Compensated

Steven Kaminski Finally Compensated An Alberta man who spent seven years in prison for a sexual assault he didn’t commit was the recipient of a $2.2-million secret settlement by the RCMP for malicious prosecution

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Anorexia Nervosa

The web pages on the topic of Anorexia Nervosa are by far the most-often visited web pages at Fathers for Life. This blog category has been set up to give those people who wish to comment on the issue of … Continue reading

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The Feminization of Poverty?

Another good article by Cary Roberts: Back in 1995, HRC led the U.S. delegation to China to attend the United Nations World Conference on Women. There Hillary held forth on the economic status of women, making the claim that “Women … Continue reading

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No need for Zachary Turner to die: death review

CBC News, Wednesday, October 4, 2006 The social services system in Newfoundland and Labrador failed a 13-month-old boy, who drowned along with his mother in a 2003 murder-suicide, a review has found. Zachary Turner died when Shirley Turner, 42, clutched … Continue reading

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Life’s Thin Line

This morning we went to one of our friend’s funeral services, Jerry Lien, a biker, a poet (he never studied poetry, but his poetry was appreciated by many in this area), a divorced father who never lost touch with his … Continue reading

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US: Shared parenting: The Government’s View

Last night I received an e-mail message containing the executive summary of a large government study report, “What About the Dads” by The Urban Institute, USA, 2006.pdf (PDF, 820KB, 186 pages); prepared for, and I will quote verbatim: U.S. Department … Continue reading

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Joint custody fails to reduce violence

Ottawa Citizen 25 September 2006 Joint custody fails to reduce violence by ex-spouses, researcher says By Dave Rogers, CanWest News Service; Ottawa Citizen Ottawa Shared child custody after marriage breakdown can perpetuate spousal violence instead of promoting an amicable divorce … Continue reading

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