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SoCal AIDS awareness campaign calls HIV a “gay disease”

“In Los Angeles County, about 75 percent of HIV cases are among men who have had sex with other men. But nationwide, gay and bisexual men account for about half of recent HIV transmission, according to the national Centers for … Continue reading

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Political Divides: Marriage and Fertility

Thanks to the US Family Research Council, who identified two important articles: Marriage gap could sway elections Updated 9/27/2006 9:19 AM ET By Dennis Cauchon, USA TODAY The wedding band could be crucial in this fall’s congressional elections, according to … Continue reading

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Ottawa’s $2-billion hit list

Liberal programs long loathed by Tories get axe despite government’s big surplus STEVEN CHASE National 2006 09 26 OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government tightened federal purse strings by $2-billion yesterday — slashing spending hated by many Conservatives, … Continue reading

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By Nancy Levant September 26, 2006 I am sick to death and horrified by dictatorship in the United States of America. It has infiltrated every single social system in this nation. Education, religion, transportation, business/goods and services, science/technology/communications, economics, … Continue reading

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Home Violence … Men in Firing Line Posted on: Sunday, 24 September 2006, 03:00 CDT By KEN MURRAY A STUDY of patients attending family doctors has found that 52 per cent of men and 43 per cent of women have experienced domestic violence. The research, carried … Continue reading

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Abuse Awareness Month in the U.K.

Angry Harry has officially designated September as, … Abuse Awareness Month “Woman” = Victim – an up-to-date summary of the BBC news. “Man” = Perpetrator – an up-to-date summary of the BBC news. Notice also that while it is true … Continue reading

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The Innocent Third Party: Victims of Paternity Fraud

By Ronald K. Henry Family Law Quarterly of the American Bar Association, vol. 40, no. 1, Spring 2006 From the article: If paternity fraud were a “one in a million event,” we might shrug and say that the random strike … Continue reading

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Paternity fraud

Paternity fraud (falsely alleging that a given man fathered a specific child and thereby using that child as a source of income) is rampant. More than 300,000 DNA tests to determine paternity are performed annually by the American Association of … Continue reading

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Woman faces prison after setting boyfriend’s penis on fire

An instance of feminist anti-male bias in reporting by the media The newspaper coverage that this story deserves barely exists, even though the article in question states: Canadian Press Sept. 12, 2006 07:37 PM MONTREAL – Sentencing arguments will begin … Continue reading

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