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The sitcom stereotype goes like this: Guy is always horny, guy tries to have sex with girl, girl shoots him down. But as Siobhan Rosen tells it, the script’s been flipped. And now there’s an awful lot of young, perfectly sex-capable dudes who won’t get off their asses to, well, get some

March 2013

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Well, you didn’t know that would happen? It is not exactly new. The phenomenon was identified some years ago, in a slightly different context and in a different country, in 2006, in Japan. The Japanese call it “herbivore men (草食(系)男子 Sōshoku(-kei) danshi?) or grasseaters, a social phenomenon of men who shun marriage or gaining a girlfriend.”

Let there be no mistake about it, the phenomenon involves not just men in heterosexual relationships that refuse to have sex with women. Grasseaters don’t want to have relationships with women (or with men, for that matter). Not only that, but grasseaters want nothing to do with being categorized, classified or assigned to the traditional roles of providers, protectors and being all-around gophers and sacrificial pariahs of corporate society.

The claim is (the obsession with maintaining the myth of female innocence most certainly is a factor in making it) that women have an even greater disinterest in having sex with the other sex or anyone else than men do. Of course, as to opting out of being the prime movers of society, there, too, women are way ahead of men, although they are apt to blame men, naturally, for being the cause of that. Much has been written about the grasseaters phenomenon, but none of the pundits writing about it in the media spectrum ranging from The Wall Street Journal to the Huffington Post mentioned much about the deeper root-causes of it, that women have priced themselves out of the market and are being seen as far too much of a risk to health and the quality of life of men to be worth making a commitment, let alone having sex with.

Without a doubt, the driving force for it all is the all-out effort to abolish marriage and to reduce the size of the world population, and what better way to achieve that than to make marriage, even sexual relations, unpalatable. Daniel Amneus had a pretty good handle on the fundamental cause of the phenomenon, when he wrote “The Garbage Generation” (Nov 1990):

To achieve that in China took coercion through the full force of the government, but all it took in the developed nations was to promote self-interest or, if you wish, greed. The results are the same. They can be measured and expressed very accurately through the TFR (total fertility rate – the number of children born to the average woman of fertile age). Depending on average life expectancy in a nation, it takes a TFR of 2.1 to 2.2 children to maintain a nation’s population level. A TFR smaller than that will cause the population of a country to die out in more or less short order. The deaths of nations will not be pretty.

Here are TFRs (2014 est.) of a few countries of interest:

Singapore 0.80
Taiwan 1.11
Hong Kong 1.17
South Korea 1.25
Lithuania 1.29
Ukraine 1.30
Poland 1.33
Japan 1.40
Greece 1.41
Hungary 1.42
Italy 1.42
Germany 1.43
Czech Republic 1.43
Austria 1.43
Spain 1.48
Switzerland 1.54
China 1.55
Canada 1.59
Russia 1.61
Denmark 1.73
Australia 1.77
Netherlands 1.78

(Full list)


Who wants to plow, sow, harvest, build, manufacture, work in the mines — unless the work, unsatisfying and unfulfilling in itself, is made meaningful by a man’s knowledge that it must be done if he is to provide for his family?

The Garbage Generation, by Daniel Amneus, pp. 64-66

The ratio of funding for and against families is 1:1000

The US Senate would do well to note what is being said in the Heritage Foundation report by Patrick Fagan and Robert Rector The Effects of Divorce on America, a report that identifies beyond any doubt that the epidemic of divorce is destroying society.

Each year, over 1 million American children suffer the divorce of their parents; moreover, half of the children born this year to parents who are married will see their parents divorce before they turn 18. Mounting evidence in social science journals demonstrates that the devastating physical, emotional, and financial effects that divorce is having on these children will last well into adulthood and affect future generations.

Fiscal conservatives should realize that federal and state governments spend $150 billion per year to subsidize and sustain single-parent families. By contrast, only $150 million is spent to strengthen marriage.

Thus, for every $1,000 spent to deal with the effects of family disintegration, only $1 is spent to prevent that disintegration.

—Source: The Effects of Divorce on America (June 2, 2000)

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Was “I Remember Babylon” on target?

Arthur C. Clarke wrote a visionary short story, “I Remember Babylon” (published in Playboy in March 1960), that was an excellent prophesy of how and why the re-engineering of humanity’s moral and cultural standards was to be undertaken.  His prophesy has come to pass…and then some!

Google has been around for 19 years now, Facebook for only eleven and Wikipedia for 15.

I have been around a lot longer; so have many other people, and, believe me – in case you are not aware of it, the world ran fairly well before Google, Wikipedia and Facebook had been launched.  People where then so well informed, it seems to me, that information overload was not as much of an impediment to enlightenment, whereby skepticism was a much-more valued asset than it is today.  Consider, for example, that there is no teenager or anyone younger alive now in the world who can claim to have experienced any global warming at all.

Unfortunately, it appears that, the more we manage to substitute pixels for printers’ ink, the more we manage to abrogate the validity of healthy skepticism and a good measure of honesty that comes with it.  Perhaps a case can be made that gullibility is treasured today far more than was credibility before the proliferation of pixels.

In spite of all of the enlightenment brought about by the Internet and its adjuncts, the number of people believing in unsubstantiated things appears to be on the rise.  Quite honestly and objectively, I can assert without any reservations that during the last year I encountered far more people who believe in clear superstitions than I did in all of my 78 prior years of life experience.

Surely, Google, Wikipedia and Facebook cannot solely be blamed for the epidemic of superstitions that appears to have taken on dimensions that far exceed those that drove the market for indulgences to unforeseen heights before Martin Luther got around to thoroughly busting it.  It is quite clear that ancient superstitions that had been laid to rest long before Martin Luther had a chance to scuttle them are being revived through Hollywood and other sectors of the film- and entertainment-industry, including the proliferation of cable-TV channels that appear designed to tear apart our social fabric and dismantle social traditions.

There is obviously a market for all of what is being promoted.  It is also obvious that what is being promoted to further the brave new world of new-age moral and cultural standards would find no buyers if the demand had not been created for the new ideological wares.

Human and alien vampires, cannibalism, inter-species sexual relations, incest, chemtrails, mind-control through cell-phone antennas, mind reading, body modifications, tattoos, taxpayer-funded sex-change operations, “herstory,”  God is a woman, man-made climate change, etc., etc….  The apparently endless variety of moral and superstitious aberrations prophesied by Arthur C. Clarke is being exceeded, by far, by what is being promoted now in the ideological market place.  It boggles the mind to contemplate how what did happen in that context could have happened… against all common sense!

Take the prospect of mind reading.  Mind reading falls into the category of paranormal activities.  Millions of people quite firmly believe that mind reading is possible, that it is being done right now and that – of course – “the government” routinely engages in that nefarious activity.  Yet, not one of those millions of “believers” has had the smarts to cash in on his convictions.  Why doesn’t one of them get the enormous rewards in prize money they deserve to get?  More than a million dollars can be had for proving that mind reading can and is being done:

No, the prophesy expressed by Arthur C. Clarke  in “I Remember Babylon” did not quite hit the mark.  It considerably underestimated the extent of what human society was capable of doing to itself once it had succeeded in discarding common sense, and that’s where we are now.  Indeed, “I Remember Babylon.” So, now what?

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Feminist myth of female innocence debunked

Pornography attracts more women than men

Some years ago, at the time of the beginning of the Internet, when personal computers had come on the market, and when the first Internet browsers had not yet begun to replace bulletin-board chat rooms accessed by e-mail (in about 1990), I read that a third of romance novels contain lengthy, detailed descriptions of lust, bondage, sex and rape that are, by any definition, simply pornographic, with much of that being nothing other than hardcore pornography. The article containing that observation also stated that romance novels comprise a third of all paper-back books sold and attract an almost entirely female readership.

The source of the research backing up those claims escaped my memory, but the article also stated that romance novels and the porn they contain were far more popular with women than pornographic imagery is with men.

It stands to reason that, now that Internet devices are so much more ubiquitous, 1.) the differences between what sort of pornography holds attractions for women and for men have become blurred, and that furthermore, 2.) the boundaries of the extent to which pornography attracts men or women have shifted.

A November 15, 2013 Daily Mail article by Katy Winter appears to bear that out:

The Daily Mail article states:

It’s not just men who watch porn! Over half of women regularly watch sexy movies (and a daring 40% admit to making their own)

  • Over half of women watch pornographic videos on their own
  • 9% of these say they watch porn everyday
  • Women generally favour soft porn (76%) or role play (47%)
  • Most women (96%) have watched with a partner and say it improves sex
  • Making home videos is an increasingly popular trend for couples

The article states furthermore:

More frequently thought of as a naughty pleasure for men – or obsession for adolescent boys – porn has traditionally been a taboo subject for women.

However it seems that behind closed doors more women than expected are indulging in pornography.

A new survey reveals that over half of women (55 per cent) watch videos with sexual content on their own at least once a month – with a further 40 per cent admitting to switching it on weekly.

It seems that the assertion that “porn has traditionally been a taboo subject for women” is incorrect, and that it would be far more accurate to state that it was taboo to mention that sexual matters and especially pornography hold at least as much interest for women as they do for men.  That is the nature of things.  Women and men are far more alike than they differ, and why should that be much different from the way it is with, say, sheep:


An interesting peculiarity that we discovered was that it is actually the ewes who actively pursue the ram to give themselves an opportunity to be bred.  That fact made it necessary for us to arrange the corrals in our yard so that the boards were nailed to the side of the fence posts on which the ewes spent their time eating and socializing.  Otherwise they would actually push the boards off to get to the rams and mess up our breeding program.  So much for the passive sexuality of the females, eh?

The mating behaviour of teen-aged girls (and even of fully grown adult women) appears to be much the same as that of ewes, although the feminists claim that it is all the fault of the men and boys.  By the way, cattle display basically the same behaviour. All domesticated mammals apparently do, except humans — they say.  But then it is questionable from my observations whether that is true, or if it isn’t, whether people are truly domesticated.  What do you think?  If you should have any doubts about that, spend a few hours in a mall where teenagers hang out and observe their mating behaviour.  Honestly, I could swear that they behave like sheep in clothing.  I can tell without making any mistakes what sheep-like mating behaviour looks like, regardless of how it is dressed up….


As to pornography in romance novels and its attraction for women, Wikipedia has this to say:

In North America, romance novels are the most popular literary genre, comprising almost 55% of all paperback books sold in 2004. The genre is also popular in Europe and Australia, and romance novels appear in 90 languages. Most of the books, however, are written by authors from English-speaking countries, leading to an Anglo-Saxon perspective in the fiction. Despite the popularity and widespread sales of romance novels, the genre has attracted significant derision, skepticism and criticism. Romance erotica seems to be on the rise as more women explore this new subgenre. Erotica is a term used to describe scenes in the novel that are risqué but not pornographic.


Well, it may be that the term erotica is more likely used in that context because purists would be given to insist that, by definition, pornography is more accurately pictorial or visual than it is textual.  The claim that romance-novel erotica is a new subgenre is erroneous.

It is good to know what the Daily Mail article identifies, but it is important to realize that the sort of pornography described in the article is only a small part of women’s interest in pornography.  It pales in comparison to the fascination that pornography (a.k.a. erotica) as described in romance novels holds for women.

That has been known since Lady Chatterley’s Lover was published and  and became a run-away best-seller (in 1928 ) — even since long before that.

Now that we are ready to admit the extent of women’s sexuality in relation to pornography, how much longer will it be until society openly admits that the vast majority of the sexual abuse of children is being committed by women, as much as it is true and accepted that women commit the vast majority of serious physical and even fatal abuse and neglect of children?

The reality of women’s sexual abuse of children exists.  Here is one aspect of that:

Women sexual predators

Posted on February 4, 2011 by Walter Schneider

Your children  are safe at school?

WorldNetDaily Exclusive


The big list: Female teachers with students

Most comprehensive account on Internet of women predators on campus….


Let’s wait and see how much longer it will be until even the feminists become openly honest about the hoax of the myth of female innocence.

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Is the MGTOW phenomenon a good thing or not?

Quite some years ago I began to keep track of how many factions of feminism there were. I gave up a few years later, when the count came close to a hundred or so.  Here are the definitions I had compiled in the process of doing that.

The same thing is happening with men’s rights activism. The count there hasn’t reached a hundred yet, but it will get there. The MGTOW trend (MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way) alone has a few different factions. It is not important to define what exists or is developing. What matter is that splits happen time and again. The main reason for that is that men, as well as women, find it hard, perhaps impossible, to prevent those splits from happening. People cannot submit their dissenting opinions to majority rule.

That did not do feminism a lot of harm, because the radical feminists (a.k.a. Marxist- or socialist-feminists, or radfems — more accurately known as redfems or also as feminazis) quite early on in the mid-1960s did their best to infiltrate, subvert, dominate and control the education system. From there, through the indoctrination of female *and* male students, they spread their ideology throughout all sectors of the bureaucracy and society. The redfems succeeded with that because they convinced the masses that they spoke for all women and were victims on account of biological design, painting themselves as victims but at the same time insisting that their victim status was a result of oppression by the patriarchy. The male feminists that graduated in social sciences (women’s studies courses were made mandatory to obtain degrees in social sciences) went along, with some of them becoming avid supporters, many of them because they were oriented that way, and others for no other reason than that to do so helped their careers. Before that was half-accomplished, any pro-male courses or opinions were no longer politically-correct and produced nothing more than dead-ended careers, at best. I don’t know of any university or college in North America that does not have a women’s-studies program now, while none of those institutions of learning have men’s studies programs (there is less than a handful of exceptions, although those are of questionable value).

Men’s rights activism, of which the MGTOW trend is a fairly recent addition, suffers no more from the frequent splitting into factions than the women’s movement did. What holds the MRM back is that its roots do not go back to a major goal of a common ideology that was taught at any university or college since the time feminism rose to power and choked all pro-male ideas out of existence in the education curriculum. The common ideological goal for feminism was women’s liberation from patriarchal oppression, first promoted and popularized in the theories of Marx and Engels. Feminism is communism in drag. No man can be a proper communist unless he promotes and fights for women’s liberation as well as for the eradication and the atonement of the sins of the patriarchy against the status of women. The terms “patriarchy” and “status of women” in that context were expressions coined by Marx and Engels, and there isn’t a radical feminist-lecturer at any university or college who doesn’t quote or hasn’t quoted verbatim in her lectures and writings from Marx and Engels.

What was taught about feminism and women’s rights was used to transform the rest of the education curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade XII. In the mid 1980s, for example, there was a massive purge in Canada of the contents of all text books, to re-write them according to feminist theory and to blot out all pro-male substance. The books that could not be revised were pulped and replaced with books that contained only politically-correct and feminist-approved material and ideas.  Perhaps not as quickly but just as effectively, similar Maoist purges happened in other nations, especially in the USA.

By the time pro-male lecturers and forces in the education system woke up to what had been done, it was too late. The rout by feminism was an accomplished fact. Any lecturers who tried to resist were marginalized, dead-ended into minor administrative positions, forced into early retirement or outright fired. There are examples galore of how that was done in the USA, in the UK and in Canada. I am certain that MRAs from other English-speaking nations can vouch that the same things happened in their countries. I know that they happened in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France and in Spain. Spain was a late-comer in the program of feminist social re-engineering but has been brought up-to-par, with the consequences there being much more severe than elsewhere. Because of the compressed span of time in which the feminist transformation occurred, they were much more noticed there, unlike the death of the thousand cuts that took place elsewhere.

Regardless of how anyone in the MRM (MGTOW included) feels about what has happened and why, it is not easy for anyone to prove that the MGTOW trend is much more than a marriage strike. Men are beginning to revolt and to oppose the feminist transformation of society in the only way that can be made to count, regardless of the name associated with the phenomenon. Short of a massive, escalating epidemic of suicides, the only practical way left for men to fight the developments is to go on strike, by refusing to have children, to get married and to become wage slaves. Of course, that takes a bit longer than mass suicides do to have a marked impact. In the long run, a strike like that is just as effective. It will eventually bring national economies and the economy of the world to their knees.

I am not stating any of this because I am critical of MGTOW but hope that MGTOW of all sort will be aware of what they are triggering, some more and some less so, regardless of their motivation. Whether we consider suicides of individual men or the fall of nations brought about by men, the decision to bring about either must not be taken lightly.

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Herbivore men, MGTOW & MGTOWWW

Here is a link to the MGTOW manifesto (apparently published originally at — that website no longer exists) :
Nothing in there states that married men cannot be MGTOW.
A somewhat more recent version of the MGTOW manifesto was published at but that version say nothing abut married men not being able to be MGTOW.
It appears to be clear that the intent was to create MGTOW, not MGTOWWW (Men Going Their Own Way Without Women)
The West is somewhat lagging with any of those developments. Japan has had for quite some years a strong movement of MGTOWWW that attracted, and now even much more so, a large and growing fraction of men. The Japanese labelled such men Herbivores or Grass Eaters, at about the same time someone thought of the MGTOW label in the West.
A Google search for “Herbivore men” produces 397,000 results, while one for “MGTOW” produces 421,000 results.
Keep in mind that those are results for English-language searches. A Google search for 草食(系)男子 (Herbivore men) produces 580,000 results.
That sparks the question of whether MGTOW and MGTOWWW who want to force the West to its knees want to be outdone by a few Japanese. It appears that Herbivore men in Japan are a force to be reckoned with, while MGTOW and MGTOWWW have a long way to go before they make their first splash in the main-stream media.
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Men – it’s time to grow up

The Worcester News published an interesting article, called Men – it’s time to grow up, Tuesday 13 January 2015, by Ian Craig.

The article begins with:

WHILE the rise of internet bullying, online stalking and cyber fraud are well documented, there’s another dark side of the internet which only seems to have arisen in recent times.

The Men’s Rights Activists movement – a group of entirely white, young middle class men who are under the impression feminists have somehow taken over western society – has spread like a particularly annoying rash over usergenerated sites such as Facebook and Reddit.

While the article by Ian Craig is to some extent a disjointed jumble of opinions and of unspecified, unfinished accusations, it does contain some truths. Unfortunately, the latter are also disjointed and largely incomplete. Not only that, some are glaring untruths (more about that in the footnote to this commentary). Nevertheless, I suspect that the finished version of the article that the Worcester News published is possibly a heavily redacted one, and that some of the unfinished and incomplete appearance of the published product and, it is hoped, largely a result of the redacting that was done. Of course, the views expressed in the article appear to have been heavily influenced by the fact that the author is at least a pro-feminist man, if not worse.

Still, the article contains some truths of which we can expect quite likely to see more in the next little while, for as long as some coherence makes itself felt in western societies. What is not being said in the article is that civilized behaviour is only a thin veneer that coats and hides much fundamental human savagery.

The article states that there is discrimination against men and alludes that some, or a lot, of that has been brought about by feminism. The article does not say that much of that happened because men have been marginalized, or how much of it puts western civilization into danger because men were removed from being in positions of controlling influence throughout many, perhaps all, sectors and institutions of society.

The article says nothing about how important men’s influence was in bringing civilization about and to the level of greatness and functioning it had reached a short time ago. It most definitely says nothing about that without the leadership of men in all sectors and institutions of society, civilization will quite simply rot and collapse.

My observations of discussions by MRAs (an of those by MGTOW — Men Going Their Own Way) on Facebook concur with those by the author of the article, but my conclusions differ somewhat. The author recommends that men should grow up, and I agree with that. Over and above that, and the article states nothing about it, growing up takes time. However, it is an absolute necessity for men to do it, so as to regain the maturity that will enable them to resume positions of leadership and actually lead western society once more, to re-take the leadership from which they have been forced to abdicate. There is not enough time for that to happen. Chances are that the West will collapse before society can be saved from collapse.

We will run out of time. Camille Paglia once said that, “[i]f civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.” True, but now that civilization has been largely taken out of men’s hands, it is unavoidable that we will find ourselves once again living in grass huts.

The “dark side of the internet which only seems to have arisen in recent times,” and manifests itself through “usergenerated sites such as Facebook and Reddit” could not have done so at any time before, because Facebook has been around only for 11 years and Reddit since October 2006.

Let there be no mistake. Facebook and Reddit were not instrumental in creating the emotions showing themselves largely on account of large hordes of smart-phone users (also a quite recent phenomenon). Those hostile feelings predate Internet browsers and even Internet bulletin boards. The hostile feelings are a direct consequence of, and a reaction to, the rise and spread of modern feminism, largely because men and ever increasing numbers of women have had it with feminism.

The assertion expressed in the second paragraph of the article is patently wrong.  I say that as someone who has been active in the men’s rights movement for more than 30 years.  Only a small fraction of MRAs is white.  The vast majority is coloured.  The racial and demographic sectors of MRAs more or less match the distribution of smart phones throughout the world.

As to MRAs being exclusively members of the middle class, ownership of smartphones is not limited to the middle class, and the dissatisfaction with the impact of feminism is being expressed by men of the whole social spectrum throughout the world. The phenomenon of MGTOW (men going their own way) affects not merely western society but has been a social trend in other nations (e. g.: Japan, where it had been recognized as a serious threat to Japan’s well-being and to the continued existence of its population since long before anyone in the West even thought of giving it the label MGTOW).

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What makes us healthy and wealthy?

“Walter – why do you keep posting this chart?” asked someone yesterday, after I had posted a link to a chart that displays the history of prices for gold and oil.  My response to that question was,

To illustrate that, in terms of barrels of oil, gold now buys as much energy as it ever did. However, it is not just that chart that is of interest. The other, related charts are of interest as well. Have a good look at them and understand that in terms of wages per hour, per week or per month, we can now buy considerably more per unit of time worked than we could in the past.

Aside from that, I don’t really “keep posting this chart.” I post it only whenever it is necessary to enlighten someone who does not understand long-term trends for commodities, manufactured goods and for services. More people and innovations are always at work to reduce the cost of living and  thereby improve the quality of life in the long run.

That principle is explained very well in a video by Matt Ridley: titled “When ideas have sex”

This morning I had another look at Matt Ridley’s video, and I will add a few more thoughts.

Time is money, and an important aspect of that is that it is crucial in defining prosperity. As Matt Ridley states in his video, “That is prosperity, the saving of time to satisfy your needs.” (at about 5:51)  Make sure to watch that portion of the video long enough to take in how much less of anyone’s time it takes today to purchase an hour of light to read by, compared to what the price for that is — and was for all of us — in hours worked for those who are too poor to be able to afford to buy candles.

The thought to take home from that is not that we must hoard our resources but that, the more people stick their heads together to find better ways of producing items that are needed and will be bought in the market place, the more healthy and wealthy we all become.

What good is it to worry about prosperity?  Well, that helps us to understand and appreciate the difference between misery and happiness.

Happiness is when at the end of the pay-period there is still some or a lot of money left in the kitty.

Misery is when at the end of the money there is some or a lot of pay-period left.

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Does AVFM have a pro-male bias?

Today an article at A Voice for Men caught my attention.

“Men are selfish, uncaring idiots”

Last month, a study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) declared all men to be idiots. More recently, a new study claims that men have no empathy toward others except for themselves. You can almost set your clock to the steady stream of literature aimed to cast all men as uncaring, inferior beasts of nature….

Generally, what follows in that article is a good commentary that should be of interest to dog owners concerned about the welfare of their dogs, in relation to whether men are capable of feeling compassion for dogs.  I am not kidding.

That thought made me do a search using “site:“, which, in combination with single search-terms, will answer such questions for that specific website. Here are the results I found for:

men — 7,130; father — 3,380
women — 5,560; mother — 2,540
child — 5,330; son — 1,750; daughter –2,130

Ok, those numbers indicate a strong preference for men, with slightly more emphasis on women than on fathers, slightly more emphasis on fathers than on mothers, and with considerably more emphasis on daughters than on sons, which latter rank, according to AVFM, at the bottom of the list of individuals involved in the process of human procreation. In other words, at AVFM, sons are far less important than fathers and fathers less than half as important as men.

Perhaps the problem is not so much with AVFM as it is with any men, fathers or sons who hope to find practical advice for family issues at AVFM.

However, AVFM does have some tips on that men can feel compassion for dogs. The word dog is mentioned 2,120 times at AVFM, considerably more often than the word son.

Comparable survey results for concerns by people who search the Internet, using Google, for the terms: men, father, woman, mother, child are shown at this link:

For the terms child son, daughter and dog, comparable survey results for concerns by people who search the Internet, using Google, are shown here:

Well, it is interesting to see that for the public at large, sons and daughters are substantially more important than are dogs. Too bad that AVFM does not agree with that. How odd, for AVFM it is “Humanist Counter-Theory in the Age of Misandry”, with a pronounced preference for dogs over sons. What do you make of that?

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Refutation of Feminism and All Feminist Assumptions

Jan Deichmohle wrote:

Hi Walter, these are short English and German descriptions of the book for your blog:

Refutation of Feminism and All Feminist Assumptions

Since the 1980s Jan Deichmohle has been writing books to refute feminism. The topic was rejected by all mainstream publishers, often-enough bashed and ridiculed. Now his basic findings have been published: “Culture & Sex. Feminism: Big Mistake – Severe Consequences” as the first book of a series “The Two Sexes”.

The book is available now in German language. It needs support and readers, so that it won’t be pushed off the table again. It needs interest, so that it will be translated to English and made available in English.

Widerlegung des Feminismus und aller feministischer Annahmen

Seit den 1980ern schrieb Jan Deichmohle Bücher, den Feminismus zu widerlegen. Das Thema wurde von allen seriösen Verlagen abgelehnt, oft genug verspottet oder beschimpft. Jetzt sind wesentliche Ergebnisse veröffentlicht worden: “Kultur und Geschlecht. Feminismus: großer Irrtum – schwere Folgen.” als erstes Buch einer Reihe “Die beiden Geschlechter”.

Das Buch ist jetzt auf Deutsch erhältlich. Es benötigt Unterstützung und Leser, damit es nicht wieder vom Tisch gefegt wird. Es braucht Beachtung, damit es ins Englische übersetzt und in englischer Fassung verfügbar wird.

Translated text from the listing at

Culture and Gender: Feminism: Big mistake – serious consequences
Paperback – Dec. 1, 2014, by Jan Deichmohle

“[It] can be shown that women were never suppressed but, to the contrary, were dominant in key areas and shaped the traditional forms [of gender discrimination] or created them by selection, namely that women were to be treated preferentially and men more burdened with duties … Feminism exacerbated the imbalance.”

The target of the author, Jan Deichmohle, is to exercise factually and scientifically well-founded criticism of feminism.


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Detroit bankruptcy: Gangs, drug dealers, decline of the economy

Yesterday I came across an interesting YouTube video by Al Profit: Detroit bankruptcy documentary on Crime: Gangs, drug dealers, decline of the economy (1hr 22min).  It describes a vicious circle, but two things struck me about the documentary. One is that its title does not necessarily describe the correct sequence of actions and consequences: gangs, drug dealers, decline of the economy. The other one is that it does not mention at all an obvious, major contributing reason for the decline and decay of Detroit.

One of the figures of the YBI (Young Boys Inc.) interviewed in the documentary comes close to identifying the key problem: “They used to say that “it takes a village to raise a child,” but [after the YBI took it down] there is no village left to do anything.”

That statement expresses wrongfully perceived self-importance. The members of YBI contributed to Detroit’s decline, but they were merely parasitical, criminal opportunists that took advantage of circumstances brought about long before any of them were born.

The key issue is that when there are insufficient numbers of or no families left in a community at any level of the social structure, there can be no functioning ‘village.’ Intact, sovereign families form a bulwark against totalitarianism or neglect by the State and against social chaos.

The “family” in all ages and in all corners of the globe can be defined as a man and a woman bonded together through a socially approved covenant of marriage to regulate sexuality, to bear, raise, and protect children, to provide mutual care and protection, to create a small home economy, and to maintain continuity between the generations, those going before and those coming after.

It is out of the reciprocal, naturally recreated relations of the family that the broader communities—such as tribes, villages, peoples, and nations—grow.
Allan Carlson, in “What’s Wrong With the United Nations Definition of ‘Family’?” in ‘The Family in America’ (August 1994), p. 3

Certainly, real fathers put the welfare of others — their families, community and nation — before their own. However, they cannot exercise their role if they are not part of their families and if they don’t receive the respect they deserve for the sacrifices they make.   For that we need: Fathers in families, not families without fathers.

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